Dr. Kedar Nath Shrestha

Inspiring Member – Dr. Kedar Nath Shrestha 

It’s in a room filled with books, papers and notebooks where Dr. Kedar Nath Shrestha had welcomed us. He was born in 1935 and lives in Lalitpur. He married Rupmati Shrestha in 1965. Like a traditional Nepali family, Dr. Shrestha lives with his wife, son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren in the same house.

Kedar Nath Shrestha

Besides being a teacher in several universities in Nepal, Dr. Shrestha was the under secretary of Ministry of Education, specialized in training, technical education and higher education for 8 years. He was the Regional Education Director for Central Development Region for 3 years as well. He was also the Dean of Tribhuwan University for 7 years and Kathmandu University for 10 years. During his professional experience, he had diverse responsibilities which were always related to the educational system. He also shared with us the most proud moment and an unforgettable memory of his career, “I was appointed by King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev as the dean of Tribhuwan University. That is something that I will cherish all my life. It was a very good memory.”

Dr. Shrestha retired from service as an additional secretary of Ministry of Education in 2006, but he never stopped working. He said, “I was thinking to work in an international organization like UNESCO or the World Bank, something like that but at that time I didn’t have the opportunity. After retirement I finally had the chance to work for UNESCO. For 2 years I was an advisor for teacher training in Bangladesh.”

Today, at the age of 84, Dr. Shrestha is still not fully retired, “Right now, I’m the external examiner for a PhD thesis. I get to examine a lot of thesis from Kathmandu University. I still like to be associated to some schools. The thing that makes me happy is to work with teachers and professors.” He still continues to write articles for different journals. He also spends his spare time reading about Hinduism and Buddhism, “It’s just for pleasure, to keep myself busy. Once you’re really retired you don’t feel physically well. Now, I have something to think about, to talk about. I will keep working as long as I can just for the pleasure of it because in this age you never know. I’m 84, it’s very old.”