COVID19 Relief Support for W&S Partners

with FIPMO and Bihani Members Prem Subba & Indira Ranamagar

Thanks to the support provided by “Forum of former International Professionals of Multilateral Organizations in Nepal” (, we were able to support the Residents at Bihani Social Venture‘s social impact partners- Matatirtha Oldage Home and Himalaya Oldage Home along with, elderly inmates who are in the prisons supported by Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal.


This would not have been possible without the support of our Bihani Saathi Ko Saathi & Resource Pool Members – Bijaya Rajbhandari who is the Vice Chairperson of FIPMO, Indira Ranamagar Founder of Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal and her team including Sumnima Rana, Ram Thapa and the team at Matatirtha Oldage Home along with, the team at Himalaya Oldage Home. We would also like to thank the local vendors from whom we were able to purchase medications and other requirements, Amun Thapa and his team at Sastodeal for providing the required essentials despite the lockdown. Last but not the least, we would have never been able to get the essentials delivered, if it was not for Upaya:CityCargo – we are extremely grateful to Suman Rayamajhi, Rahul Malla Thakuri and the Upaya team for not just delivering but also helping with carrying the items and making sure it reached the destinations on time.

Take Care and Stay Safe❤️